MailerHouse is proud to offer multiple Warehousing and fulfillment options.

Postcards are one of the most affordable and highly effective direct-mail marketing strategies. Postcards work for every industry; business to business, business to consumer, and consumer to consumer. A Postcard is a quick and easy way to share important information and an excellent vehicle for direct mail messaging. With our included mailing services of both, first class and standard postage options, it has never been easier to mail your postcards.

With MailerHouse, you will have the ability to print on one side or both sides of paper; decide whether you want black and white or full color printing. We even have pre-perforated paper for if you choose to print and mail you statements with a check. Easily add return or remittance envelopes to your mailing with or without a pre-applied postage stamp, along with adding an eye catching message to the outside of the Letter. Our Letter tools were designed to handle most business letter mailings, including invoice processing, statement processing, and check writing.

We can send out Explanation of Benefits Forms on behalf of health insurance companies to explain what medical treatments and/or services were paid for on their behalf. Make medical statement processing and mailing easier, with the help of MailerHouse.

MailerHouse enables users to send printed Invoices/Billsto their customers via U.S. and International mail at below the cost of what a typical company would spend printing, stuffing, and mailing invoices.” Our high-speed, automated printing solution delivers reduced costs, higher quality bills, fewer errors, and improved marketing.”. With our guaranteed 24 hour or less turn around time, you can be assured that your clients will receive their invoices and bills in a timely manner.

When it comes to patient Statement Processingor invoice processing printing and mailing, speed is essential. Hard-to-understand bills can be a serious roadblock to faster collections. That’s why we start with a dogged commitment to the fundamentals of good statement design: simple, jargon-free, and proven to accelerate payment. MailerHousecan help you design your statements correctly so that the printing and mailing accept of the process will be fast and easy.

Business Cards are a proven way to successfully promote not only yourself, but your brand as well. Let MailerHouse optimize the way you choose to promote yourself and your brand with unique Business Cards. Distributing Business Cards to clients is more than sharing contact information, they are a showcase of what your company is trying to communicate. Make a great first impression with a customized cards that shows off your company’s credibility.

Sending Flyers or Handouts to your clients is an undeniably successful marketing tool. Whether you’re launching a new product, promoting a limited deal or event, or keeping your clients up-to-date with new features, having your company send out Flyers and Handouts is a great way to keep your brand alive. Having professionally printed Flyers and Handouts makes it easy for your clients to receive the message your company is trying to send. MailerHouse makes it easy to print and mail Flyers or Handouts by individual mail pieces, as inserts, or electronically.

SendingCouponsto your clients is an easy and effective marketing tool to keep them interested. Everyone enjoys receiving Coupons for services and expenses they are already committed to. It shows that a company cares about their clients in terms of wanting them to receive the best offer. MailerHouse makes it easy to print and send Coupons as individually mail pieces, as inserts, or electronically. With our printing technology, your Coupons will stand out with vibrate colors and customize designs.

Get your clients excited about seeing your company’s Envelopes in their mailbox by having it stand out! Customize the Envelopes you choose to send out with your company’s name and logo vividly printed on them. MailerHouses’ printers will give your Envelopes the bright and clear colors needed to ensure visibility in your clients mail piles daily. Receiving mail with unique identifiers establishes credibility to your company.

MailerHouse has partnered up with Neopost to ensure the highest quality of printing for our clients. With this new technology, MailerHouse can perform with a balanced mix of speed and color for high-end Direct Marketing.  MailerHouse can offer endless color options to customize any service option we provide to ensure uniqueness and zero compromises on logo perfection.

1099’s: – We offer all-inclusive 1099 and W2 print, mail and e-file services for businesses who have hired the services of self employed independent contractors, have paid them $60 and above and therefore have to report the income to IRS by filling form 1099 MISC. Take the stress of processing taxes out of your life, and let MailerHouse help.

MailerHouseoffers your financial institution a faster, more efficient and more economical way to produce high-quality statement processing.Many clients using our services have improved statement aesthetics, have had lower production costs, and reduced postage costs.

Whether it’s printing, mailing, or electronic delivery of time-sensitive, business-critical documents, it’s important to MailerHousethat each project reflects your company in the finest possible light. Our printing and data experts will make that happen, working closely with you on every aspect of your job, from data analysis, pre-processing and design, to printing and mailing.

A mail pre-sort is performed to qualify the mail for the lowest postage rate available from the USPS and minimize the postage expense. National Change of Address (NCOA) services can also be incorporated into API’s Print and Mail Servicesto help reduce undelivered mail pieces before mail enters the mail stream. This service provides the ability to update addresses during the pre-print processing stage to eliminate time wasted on reprocessing undelivered bills.

MailerHousebrings you the highest quality, most reliable print-to-mail document services in the country.

~Security –The strongest controls in the industry ensure that your data and documents are safe.

~MailerHouseis both PCI Compliantand uses SOC Reportsto ensure your information is secure.

~Technology –The most up-to-date equipment assures your projects will move efficiently.

~Expertise –Our staff’s comprehensive knowledge of the ever-changing postal regulations ensures that your project is cost-effective and compliant.

~Reliability –A commitment to quality every step along the way assures you of error-free service.

Whether you need 500 or 150,000 mailings sent to your list, you’ll find the best quality, better pricing and more options online at your fingertips. Contact MailerHouseToday by clicking here!